Course image Theory of Computation

CA-0804: Theory of Computation  

Subject Code:   CA-0804 

Subject Name: Theory of Computation

No. of Credits: 4 

Internal Exam = 25, End Semester Examination = 75. 

Duration of End Semester Examination: Three Hours. 

Course image Operating System- 1st Semester MCA

This paper  discussed on The Operating System (OS) which acts as a platform of information exchange between your computer's hardware and the applications running on it. Most of you are familiar with the Windows Operating System family (like Windows 10, XP, or Vista, Windows 7, etc) or Linux, Unix or Mac OS. This paper will also discussed on the important role the OS does with the management of processes, files, security considerations, i/o. This paper will also focus on one operating system: UNIX.

Course image Programming Through Java MDJ

This course will introduce students to Object Oriented Programming using Java. The topics include Java characteristics, applications, data types and control statements. This course will also cover some useful packages, file handling mechanisms, and GUI programming using swings.