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Course image Information Technology for Business-BCOM 2nd Sem- Fr. Joby Joseph sdb

This paper covers Information Technology for Business for the 2nd Semester of BCOM students under NEHU. 

This part of the course by me covers two units, as shown below:

Information Technology in Business

Unit II:

       Overview of OS, functions of OS, Types of OS and their advantages and disadvantages. Data Base Management System, Records , file and data bease, Advantage of DBMS, Types of DBMS and their features, Role of DBA, Introduction to Networking: Advantage, Types of NW topologies, LAN, MAN, WAN.


Unit IV: Introduction to Internet

      Definition and meaning, Growth of internet, owner of internet, anatomy of internet, Basic Internet terminologies, Net Etiquette, WWW, Internet Protocols, Usage of internet to society and Search Engines.